If your wheels do not have hub centric rings that fit, you end up putting the mass load on to your lugs and not on to the hub/lugs. The next video is starting stop. just the bore was larger? I measured them this weekend and got just under 4.5" for the Chevy hubs, and just over 4.75" for the Dodge wheels (measured with ruler, left my calipers on my desk at school) I found plenty of hub centric rings, but none with these dimensions, best I found was 4.92" outside and 4.5" inside, I guess if I had to I could turn them down on a lathe. What is your experience using them. It caused the passenger seat to shake at speeds greater than 70 mph and was most pronounced on really smooth surfaces. This is what a crushed hub centric ring can do. I see some here are using 106.1, so I wonder if the ones I ordered are going to fit now. If it not OEM size(71.5mm), then I wonder if the shop left out the Hub centric rings, if you had them originally. Hub-centric Ring Wheel Spacers. I thought it might be the tires so I bought a new set of Pirelli's. So I'd say they work. The Hub Centric Rings are furnished with unique clips for secure installation. • Available in various combinations of bore and outer ring sizes. and O.D. Usualy is gone after that. While it is more likely that the wheel will be off center without the use of hub centric rings, it is not impossible to center the wheel by following proper installation technique. I put my previous set of tires on these rims and had steering vibration issues above 50mph. Sep 10 2014, 10:57am. If you don't want to run a spline lug, gorilla also has the extended thread in a stardard hex lug. _____ Usually the hub centric rings are used with alloy wheels, but sometimes steel rims may need hub centric rings. ), so that means it won't "grip" the wheels and could result in to a lot of vibration … Were your new wheels you bought lugcentric then? Mod links