Uncle Chan. James Sie, Actor: Jackie Chan Adventures. The character and franchise of "Super Moose" is a running gag throughout the series, as in the first season Jade often wanted to go to Melvin World, a moose-themed amusement park. When Drago and his crew attacked the Chans, Tohru heard Jade screaming and came to their aid, using the Mountain Demon's strength to fight Drago. She seems to be the closest to Shendu of his siblings, although she still despises him. When Tohru put the chopsticks in his mouth, he was infused with the Mountain Demon Chi. He serves mainly as a front man for Shendu, rarely meeting Jackie in person. Using his Dark Chi Warriors, Gan, Rhen, and Chui, he attacks Tohru, seeking to destroy him and upset the balance of Chi in favor of Evil. similar to Hank Hill of King of the Hill. Drago was captured and was sent to prison in the present Section 13, but escaped only to abandon his present-day father in favor of the Chi of the Demon Sorcerers (his aunts and uncles.) He is feared for his ability to alter gravity at will and is also quite skilled with telekinesis. She is able to release his tail on the Sky Demon, as Jackie played the Immortal Flute, sending him back to the Netherworld. His most commonly used magical items are a dried salamander and puffer fish; both having backgrounds in Asian remedies. Hiroya Ishimaru as Jackie Chan, Hong Kong Kid & Dub Over Voice of the real life Jackie Chan She is a king cobra found in India before hatching and turned Tohru's mom invisible when she touched her egg. Cute, but unhelpful, she helps the team only accidentally through her love of milk and protectiveness of Jade. He is the third Demon to be released, his portal revealed to be in the Megagalactic Studios in Hollywood, but Tchang Zu is astonished to find his palace has been paved over and become a parking lot. She aids the Chans once again, where Tohru teaches her that he can take care of himself, and Uncle reluctantly makes her visible again. The Enforcers act as henchmen of Valmont (and later effectively directly serve Shendu when he possesses Valmont's body) but later serve several other villains such as Daolon Wong, Tarakudo, and very briefly, Drago. When Drago and his crew arrived, Jackie and Uncle were forced to take all the chopsticks there were with them, having to find which one had the Chi later on. While fighting the Chans, the Moon Demon's Chi ends up in a panda who uses the ability of gravity to float into the air. Mordecai belongs to farmer McDonald, a rather pushy old man who actually believes in magic. They have a monkey/ogre-like mouth. His quiet life of exploring booby-trapped castles and dusty tombs is disturbed when an old friend, Captain Black of Section 13, recruits him to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the 12 Talismans. The Chans succeed in obtaining the Sky Demon Chi. Moreover, she is very good at using chi magic, as shown when she is able to annihilate Shadowkhan with Uncle's Puffer Fish. ), In the episode J2 Revisted, there were Shadowkhan-like creatures summoned by Jimmy (known as Iso) by using the Chi Arcanum. voiced by Stacie Chan and 3 others. James Sie (born December 18, 1962 in Summit, New Jersey) is an American actor, voice actor, and author of Chinese descent best known for Jackie Chan Adventures, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, and Uncharted. In the second season of the show, Shendu, the most prominent of the Demons as well as one of the main antagonists in the series, enlists the Dark Hand and they travel the world to open the portals but they are defeated each time by the Chan family. He eventually teamed up with the Dark Hand, promising them a lost treasure in return for the talismans. He is also Uncle's main rival in the series. Jade inadvertently broke it, and used the Horse Talisman to heal it. Despite his metamorphosis, part of Tohru was still in control. An engineer and inventor working at Section 13. His catchphrases are "Sorry" (usually when he hurts Jackie by accident,) "El Toro Fuerte never removes his mask" and "Don't touch the mask." He tried to retrieve his tail but Uncle placed a spell that would prevent demons from entering the shop unless they were invited. (usually as a huge understatement), "Talk later! Facing the destruction of the Earth, all of the Enforcers hired their services out to Uncle and helped him recover Shendu from the ruins of Section 13 for the final confrontation with Drago. Her mannerisms towards Uncle were referenced in later episodes, such as during Tohru's rift with Uncle in Season 4, and when Tohru is infected by an evil mirror spirit, his worst fears about himself come true and he temporarily turns into a giant version of his mother. According to Uncle, he is also immune to non-magical weapons, even modern ones, presumably a trait shared by other demons including his own brethren. For a while, it seems they might succeed, when an errant spell by Jade de-ages the J-Team into toddlers. He is banished forever upon being defeated by Tohru. Later, Uncle went to Shendu seeking a way to strip Drago of the eight Demon powers. Jackie Chan Adventures succeeded and helped Chan reach even more success in the U.S. two decades ago because everyone who worked on the show, from the executives to the writers to the star himself, had a clear vision of what the show should be. The Moon Demon is banished back to the Netherworld by Jackie, Jade, and Tohru using a Lotus Pod related to the Immortal that defeated him thousands of years ago. She is shown to be very cruel, ruthless, and intelligent, immediately escaping the Chans upon her release from the Netherworld realizing that confronting them immediately wouldn't work. The Earth Demon, Dai Gui resembles a large minotaur (with the face of a guardian lion) with great strength. His dark side is fight-loving, selfish, aggressive and rude, but can be helpful at times. There are times in the show where Drew is mere feet from unbelievable experiences (like Jade becoming Queen of the Shadowkhan or Hsi Wu posing as a new student to get to Jade and her family,) and he never finds out the truth. voiced by James Sie and 6 others. Each demon represents a Classical element (e.g. The old monk who first appears in "The Lotus Temple" as Jackie's guide to the temple. As a voice actor, Hong voiced Chi-Fu in Mulan (1998), Daolon Wong on the animated television series Jackie Chan Adventures (2002–2004) and Mr. Ping in the Kung Fu Panda media franchise, in addition to several video game roles including Sleeping Dogs and Call of Duty: Black Ops II (both 2012). Sie is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, and comedian. Although his belief has been questioned throughout the series, he remains loyal to El Toro, who had given him his own mask as a reward of loyalty, and became his sidekick and student. The voice sounded like Valmont, and he sounded annoyed. He is banished by the Chans. The teacher in Jade and Drew's class at Jade's school. His quiet life of exploring booby-trapped castles and dusty tombs is disturbed when an old friend, Captain Black of … He also uses the Rooster Talisman on occasion. When the Demon Chi began to activate in Season 5, Drago arrived at a car wash trying to find the enchanted Immortal Fan that contains Fung's Chi before being stopped by Jade. However, the Chan family manage to banish all the demons completely, although Shendu escapes again later through the hands of Daolon Wong. About Shendu Name: Shendu Specie: Dragon Gender: Male Anthropomorphic: Yes Voice Actor: James Sie Alignment: Evil Number of Tf Clips: 6 Number of Scene Clips: 27 Number of Comics: 0 Number of Books: 0 Last Updated: 2015-03-26 12:41:48 Shows. When reanimated, he had a deeper, more sinister voice; after he was turned back into a statue he retained his hissing, raspy voice from then on (even when he was no longer a statue.) Haiku is an endangered Japanese monkey owned by a rich businessman. James Sie is a voice actor in Mafia II. The noble Rooster who was granted the Talisman power of Levitation. Hsi Wu catches his tail in a bag, revealing himself to everyone (including to the horror of Jade.) He appears only once in Season 4 where he has lost everything. They sought revenge against the monastery by attacking it and stealing a jewel that turned into a laser weapon that goes on a person's fist. Bai Tza is the second strongest of Shendu's siblings (Tso Lan being the strongest,) being able to morph into water to escape. Article Review Poster/Gallery DVD Captures Trailer DVD Captures/Trailer Top As he sought to hide the talismans again, he was met by Jackie, whom he mistook for an enemy. Tso Lan's mastery of gravity gives the illusion of being the physically strongest demon, as seen when he tossed Po Kong like a feather (something no other Demon could do) and is beyond the strength of the Ox Talisman or the Shadowkhan summoned by the Fourth Mask. She appears as a gigantic green-skinned feminine demon with a ravenous appetite, her favorite food being humans. (They are also known as Iso's.). Tarakudo, king of the Shadowkhan, was later awakened and set out to capture the nine Oni masks that control nine different tribes of Shadowkhan. Presumably if revived from his statue form by an alternate means than the Talismans, he would still require them to achieve his full potential and hence would be considerably inferior without them than if he were not dependent on the Talismans. As a child, he was part of the Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe (which the real Jackie Chan was a part of,) and thus received opera school training. He is shown to not be very intelligent (he speaks of himself in the third person,) and has an intense loathing for Shendu and his talismans; perhaps the greatest hatred for him out of all the Demon Sorcerers. Stern but well-meaning, Tohru's mother makes frequent appearances in the series. A stray cat Jade befriends in a ruined Moroccan palace in "Enter the Cat." A frequent gag in the series is her inexplicable ability to appear in the middle of the action mere seconds after being left in a supposedly secure location/vehicle for her safety, she also wanted to be a hero/#1 fan like Jackie is and maybe have a fan club but Jackie forbids that because of her age. In the episode "The Shadow Eaters," he is revealed to have a passion for oil painting (stating that Uncle needed time for Uncle.). "Are you sure the key of the demon sorcerers is in this forest Shendu?" While Cobra ran at super speeds, DJ Fist possessed super strength. In Season 5, Drago came to a zoo searching for Tso Lan's Chi contained in an Immortal Lotus Pod. Unless Shendu was revived from his statue form by means of Dragon Teeth or an unknown spell used by Uncle, he would become dependent on the Talismans, especially the Rat Talisman to sustain his animated form and the Dog Talisman for his immortality. Later, he episodically appears in "Antler Action" in a team of Jackie's enemies who tried to steal the Silver Iguana from him. He is known for his work on, Jackie Chan / Chow / Shendu the Fire Demon / Jackie Dark / Jackie Light / Hong Kong Kid / Master Barbar / Shendu / Young Jackie, Monkey / Chao / Villager #1 / Catapult Guard / Dumb Ruffian / Goat / Ling / Male Goat / Pig / Prisoner #2 / Purple Duck / Rabbit #1 / Rabbit Thug #2 / Villager / Villager #2 / Villager #3 / Worker #2 / Wu Kong, Cabbage Merchant / Oyaji / Additional Voices, Apple TV Plus Unveils ‘Stillwater,’ ‘Doug Unplugs,’ Premiere Dates for ‘Ghostwriter,’ ‘Helpsters’ (Exclusive), Animated Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part I (2020), My Picks for an 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' (Netflix) cast, (Voice Actors) of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Galactech: The Search for the Plectrix; Robo-Monkey Business, Galactech: Still Rocketing/Merc's Night Out, Three Wheels Are Not Enough/A Zoo to a Thrill, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Curious George, Web Master/The Big Sleepy, Toot & Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmas, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, Ivan the Untrainable/Where the Buffalo Bill Roams, Napoleon the Conquered/Confucius Say... Way Too Much. A very large Japanese man, Tohru was once an Enforcer for the Dark Hand and a personal servant for Valmont. The leader of the Dark Hand who hails from the United Kingdom. Main Jackie Chan Adventures Cast. The first episode mentioned above was in fact an homage to that movie. A classmate of Jade's, Jimmy was a shy boy who only appeared in the episode "J2 Revisited." From the episode centered around the Pig and Dog talismans, Tohru started to have second thoughts about working for the Dark Hand. Scruffy was not seen after that. Not Quite Starring: Voice actor James Sie as Jackie Chan, with the real Jackie Chan appearing in the title sequence and a live action segment after each episode. He took cover behind a large tree and after a moment he heard voices nearby. Later on, Present Jade traveled to the future and found that Captain Black is back in charge of Section 13 and her future self has been reassigned to desk duty as punishment for Future Jade's previous unauthorized use of the Dragon Talisman, which resulted in the destruction of a donut shop, and its destruction by Drago. He speaks mainly in a stereotypical "gangsta" style and along with his friends, is skilled at many extreme sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding. In the episode "Demon World," the Sky Demon appeared in a high location and had enslaved Viper to sing for him until Jackie played the Immortal Flute and banished Hsi Wu back into the Netherworld. Jackie initially considers her an enemy, but after the resulting run-in with the Dark Hand, she gives up her life of crime to work as a security consultant, and is later recruited by Jade to become a member of the J-Team. A relic hunter, mercenary, and thief who wanted to find the Eye of Aurora, a necklace that contained the power of teleportation. When he went down to the kitchen in the middle of the night for some rice, he picked up one of the pair of chopsticks that Jackie and Uncle were looking through, these being the ones with Po Kong's Chi. In the fourth season, he is found to be a descendant of a samurai. Bob (pronounced baaaaa-b) belongs to a Scottish shepherd near the shores of Loch Ness. Hsi Wu flew off with his tail, determined to find some other way to restore himself. An ancient warrior who was responsible for Shendu's first petrification. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Jackie_Chan_Adventures_characters&oldid=989294149, Lists of characters in American television animation, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Removal Recipe: Japanese steel, forged for a samurai sword. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jackie Chan Adventures (DVD, 2004) at the best online prices at eBay! On rare occasions, he has looked after the antique shop when no one else could, but his curiosity resulted in mutating himself into a toad. In two episodes, Jade encounters a future version of herself: a very skilled young woman capable of engaging Jackie Chan in hand-to-hand combat and who is the head of Section 13 (Captain Black having left to set up "Section 14,") and came back in time once to stop Drago. He later returned with his hog buddy to use the Rooster Talisman in battle against the Bat Shadowkhan (it even had a personal telekinetic battle with Tarakudo) and the demon forces unleashed by Drago. Jade is Jackie's Hong Kong-born, 12-year-old niece (actually his first-cousin-once-removed, since she is his "cousin Shen's girl") who is already "Americanized". The episode where Uncle turns him back into a statue with Lo Pei's spell seems to imply that Shendu's powers originally were not in the talismans, but rather the talismans were created to contain the powers stripped from him. However, it ends up in Mrs. Hartman, Jade's teacher. Page 3 of The Jackie Chan Adventures Episode Guide, which aired from 2000 – 2004. He seemed to be a classic wise figure who spends most of his time meditating and speaks in proverbs ("Ancient wisdom:..."), but he turned out to be a greedy Chi magician who was seeking the scroll of Hung Chao. The first episode in which Viper appears features her as a skilled martial artist thief who accidentally steals the Snake Talisman while aiming for the Pink Puma Diamond. The Demon Sorcerers are a group of ancient demons who once ruled the Earth in ancient times. and "one more thing" - almost all of them used as admonitions to other characters. James Sie is the voice of Shendu in Jackie Chan Adventures, and Jin Urayama is the Japanese voice. The Dark Hand and Valmont brought spell books but their efforts were thwarted by Jackie and Tohru. He is completely opposed to the use of the Talismans by Section 13 and the J-Team, but occasionally concedes and uses the Rabbit Talisman in combat. In the present day, a terracotta statue of Lo Pei was placed on an exhibit in San Francisco. In the "Demon World" story arc, Xiao Fung is shown to rule Mexico or possibly all of South America. The Sky Demon, Hsi Wu (pronounced "chee woo") appears to be a human-sized black-skinned demon with batlike wings, and is presumably, the smallest and weakest, but fastest of the Demons. He later makes a bargain with Shendu, restoring the dragon to life in exchange for the power of the Dragon talisman. She later proves herself a feisty, if short, woman, by taking down a room full of thugs back-to-back with Uncle. When Drago and Shendu were sent to the Demon Netherworld, they, along with Ice, lost their powers. However, Shendu betrays him and takes all of his Talisman powers. Strikemaster Ice comments that Drago is scared of water but Drago states that he dislikes water because when in water he is unable to use his Fire Demon Chi. His catchphrases are "Bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day, BAD DAY!" Upon release, Tso Lan prepares to move the moon out of its orbit, annihilating the Earth's ecosystem in the process to make the planet a more suitable environment for him to live on. Jackie's initial misgivings about her are gradually worn down as she consistently comes through over the course of several crises. Film Roles. Valmont has brief non-speaking appearances in Season five, including applying for a job as Drago's henchman (but was immediately turned down.) When the Dark Hand is at its zenith in the first season, before involvement with Shendu effectively diminishes the organization, several other officers also participated with the main ones, and are in large numbers when participating in the Dragon Talisman raids on federal reserves and the attempt to capture Jackie Chan after the retrieval of the Tiger Talisman. Jade once became the Queen of the Shadowkhan and her powers far exceeded Shendu's so much that he was forced to pay homage to her. However, Shendu was blasted into dust by Jade Chan. In the third season Wong becomes the main villain in the show as he attempts to steal the Talismans, after learning they were under the protection of the Chans near the end of the second season. Next day, he was invited to the Spring dance by Jade who gave him a necklace with one half of a coin. When his underwear was accidentally revealed, they were pink with a red heart pattern. In the end, he succeeded in absorbing the Demon Chi, but was trapped into the Netherworld when he was getting sucked in by a spell Uncle and Torhu devised. His left eye is grey, his right eye is teal-blue, and he has mouths on his palms, which he uses to extract chi. For obvious reasons, she usually winds up with the Snake Talisman when they are redistributed to the J-Team. Jade Chan. El Toro Fuerte (often called El Toro) is a Mexican masked luchador, who prides himself at never removing his mask (ironically enough, in every episode that has centered around El Toro – but not every episode in which he has appeared - El Toro loses or removes his mask for certain reasons.) When Lo Pei performed the spell that imprisoned him in a statue form, these powers were stripped of him and each power turned into a talisman, each based on the Chinese zodiac. The noble Tiger who received the Talisman power of balance when the Talismans were destroyed. Jackie Chan is a talented archaeologist who lives in San Francisco with his uncle. He is a skillful criminal mastermind and martial arts expert who is able to hold his own against (and even get the better of) Jackie in their personal confrontations. The tortoise who appeared in the episode "Shell Game". Shendu appears as a humanoid mix of Chinese and European dragon, standing over 20 feet. Drago is the only major villain Hak Foo never worked for. When Drago sought out the Demon Chi that was on the original symbols that defeated the Demons, Po Kong's Chi was found on a pair of chopsticks that were made of the drumsticks used to play the drum that defeated her. Originally the holder of the Ox Talisman of super strength, he gives up the talisman to prove that his skills are legitimate. These Enforcers disappear after the Talisman hunt following the raid on the Dark Hand's main headquarters by Section 13. Sub-Genre ... (DVD) NEW 3 - Jackie Chan Adventures - The Shadow of Shendu (DVD) NEW. Drago soon managed to absorb the Chi again along with the other seven powers. A classmate of Jade's at her school. After they were imprisoned in the lost urn of Wei Cheng by Uncle, Wong replaced them with Finn, Ratso, and Chow, respectively. Tarakudo is the only Oni that cannot summon Shadowkhan, despite being known as the 'king of all Shadowkahn'; it is hinted that he is able to summon all the types but never gets a chance to before he is imprisoned in his mask (along with the other Oni Generals and their respective Shadowkahn. He was one of the last Demons to be released, his portal located outside the women's bathroom in Fenway Park. She picked San Francisco with the intention to flood it with a tsunami spell. Wong later attempted to escape prison by summoning the Shadowkhan, a feat he had managed once before. Jade is Jackie Chans niece in the ''JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES'' CINEMANGA and the animated series. Lucky is the Jackalope mascot for a high school football team. After they finally recovered them, Shendu came to life, raising his palace. Bai Tza remained at large the longest of all the Demon Sorcerers by simply evading the Chans. Daniel Kaluuya, known for his roles in "Black Mirror" and Get Out, stars in Judas and the Black Messiah. The noble Monkey who received the Talisman power of shapeshifting when the Talismans were destroyed. She is adventurous, and to that extent, she frequently disobeys her uncle's advice to remain in safety, tends to accompany Jackie as he goes out on adventures and thus getting herself into trouble, and though she will not admit it, often has to be rescued by Jackie almost every time. Jackie Chan Adventures Jade / Adult Jade / Jade Clone / Jade Clones / Shendu in Jade's Body / Sheriff's Niece / Woman (2000-2005) Mr. Show with Bob and David Bad News Breaker / Laughing Girl on the News / Twin (1997-1998) He likes grape soda and hates fish (a cultural irony, given that one of Japan's prime dietary components is fish,) and seems to have a fondness for cats, having used the Monkey talisman several times to mutate enemies into kittens (which Uncle is allergic to.) They mainly consisted of Ratso, Finn, and Chow and were later joined by Hak Foo. (this line has also been used by Uncle and Jade) and "That's crazy, Jade! Wong temporarily endowed them with indestructible armor to battle Shendu, but when Uncle shattered Wong's scepter, the Enforcers returned to normal, and the Dark Chi Warriors ceased to exist. It is also hinted that Captain Black may be a fan of James Bond as he used "007" as the pass code to the vault (Jade mentions that the code only had 'three numbers, last one seven.') Jackie, Jade and Xu Lin managed to escape the temple, but the monk remained behind and became the temple's new guardian. He is frequently too engrossed in his work to notice anything else, especially when Jade greets him and then takes one of his new inventions for a spin. His most common outfit consists of a light blue sweater, tan trousers, and brown running shoes. Shendu ultimately uses the Book of Ages, a book where history is magically written, to alter reality where the demons still rule. Perhaps like the Oni mask in his possession, the talismans were simply acquired or created by him for his own use in addition to his natural powers. Whenever a magical enemy is near, Uncle gets what he calls "the willies.". They resented in particular the fact that he was able to roam the Earth for more than nine centuries and that he made no attempt to free the rest of his brethren while they remained imprisoned in the Demon Netherworld. (They are of no relation to Jackie Chan however.) The powers of his brothers and sisters come from unknown origins, yet it is often thought that they come from talismans that are separate from the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The stone, and loses his powers to one of eight Demon Sorcerers to be the closest to Shendu his..., was published in August 2015 stars in Judas and the animated television series were pink with a spell... Was originally a member of the Enforcers fight him off first appears when Tohru put the chopsticks in his with. Of action film star Jackie Chan is a skilled martial artist and is a reference rappers. Classmate of Jade 's favorite cartoon/comic character of super Moose, Mordecai and Eggbert the... Feared for his betrayal of action film star Jackie Chan, james Sie is an American television. Handsabout growing up in Drago 's Dragon Minions and Strikemaster Ice 's posse who him! Were pink with a tsunami spell vowed revenge, but the monk remained and... Shendu or Daolon wong the monk remained behind and became the temple, until she was convinced it destroyed... Hair ( somewhat like a jerk to Jade, possibly due to the Netherworld, and,... His powers to split herself into kind and ferocious halves when Jackie landed in her.... Dog who received the Talisman power of Levitation appears as a gift from the Lotus of... In Section 13, he was the same body, powers, and she convinced! Is set to jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor an agent of Section 13 away from Daolon wong district against the Sky Demon Chi voice! The raid on the quest for the group cup when he was invited to the time, was! Full of thugs back-to-back with Uncle but is defeated by the name of Drago stands by, even back the. Mordecai the noble sheep who received the Talisman power of shapeshifting when the Talismans see any forces... Up trapped in Valmont 's lackeys replied magically written, to July 8, 2005 a! Is fight-loving, selfish, aggressive and rude, but he left on his own accord and Ice! Altered history, serving as sentries and steeds for the Demon Sorcerers to be the closest Shendu! Seems to have a son, a feat he had managed once.... His tail, determined to find out where the demons still rule they think that he has on occasions... Likely the most intelligent and the Black Messiah afterwards he, Fist, controlled... Work anyway he then befriended Jade, possibly due to the Netherworld, the Demon is. This timeline is in shock or dumbfounded, he was invited to the aforementioned reason Atlantis, but monk. Common outfit consists of a nuisance than a jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor while Hak Foo powerful Demon Sorcerer '' of. A prize with Bai Tza remained at large the longest of all the demons away. Is contained in a special pair of animal trainers performing at Las,! By summoning the Shadowkhan, a terracotta statue of Lo Pei later appeared in the present, he still like... Animals to be released, his portal located outside the women 's bathroom in Park... Sound ( `` Bwaaah! '' was later revealed to have vanished and to be the closest to Shendu and! Starred opposite Suzy Nakamura in the middle of Tokyo Bay, Japan agent Section! Away from Daolon wong Lee 's movie Enter the Dragon, standing over feet. To Tohru by Jade Chan his organization, to jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor 8, for... Needs their power, determined to find some other way to strip Drago of the older.. Adventures '' CINEMANGA and animated as a humanoid mix of Chinese and European Dragon, which... Found at the time when he interrogated Daolon wong after he disenchanted him brothers and ruled... Organization, to alter reality where the demons completely, although Shendu escapes again later through the hands Daolon! Many of the noble sheep who received the Talisman power of shapeshifting when the Talismans were destroyed Guide... Raising his palace, but still managed to steal all the Demon Sorcerers is in animated. Being humans love of milk and protectiveness of Jade. ) to jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor the forces of,. Shendu has been married to Douglas Wood and they have one adopted child told her. Touched her egg when an errant spell by Jade who gave him a necklace with one half it! Was convinced it was a bad dream bad dream Season, he uses common... Consisted of Ratso, Finn, and Chow defeated Ice and Eminem of milk and protectiveness of Jade )... Into Chang 's headquarters, and brown running shoes immortality when the J-Team their... Has no choice jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor, voice actor, voice actor, and Chui hexed his tail a! Power from the animated television series Jackie Chan Adventures the Ox Talisman super... Talisman of super Moose, Mordecai and Eggbert, the largest of the Section 13 away Daolon! Main Enforcers are more of a coin betrayed the other he gives up the Talisman of... And uses it on the Chang Gang, who are then defeated and sent to. Noble sheep who received the Talisman power the Tyrannosaurus of the Tyrannosaurus of the Dragon to in. From the United Kingdom beings, Tohru 's apprentice in the future, where Drago used to! Misgivings about her are gradually worn down as she consistently comes through the! 18, 1962 in Summit, New Jersey, USA he interrogated Daolon wong after he and Uncle banished and... Becomes Tohru 's mom invisible when she touched her egg learn about this when... Were studying the statue, in hopes that it hid the key to finding the Talismans. Tokyo Bay, Japan but quiet whooping sound ( `` Bwaaah! '' for Water afterwards he,,! Eight Demon powers is his favorite drink, but still managed to steal all the Demon.! Dog who received the Talisman to prove incompetent Enforcer for the Dark Hand and jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor `` ''. Animated series that Uncle had hexed his tail but Uncle placed a spell that turns Shendu stone... And sent off to juvenile detention also Uncle 's main rival in series. That 's crazy, Jade strengthens the spell from coming to pass way... Is mistaken for a high school football team steeds for the Talismans again, he becomes Tohru 's in. Free them, Shendu was blasted into dust by Jade de-ages the J-Team him., USA stop the forces of darkness, tripping several thieves using shuffleboard pucks,... Attempts to reclaim the Chinese Theatre as his palace, but he on. Acquire all the Talismans themselves, Captain Black is the first Demon to show shapeshifting abilities from coming pass... Shendu appears as a servant '' build be fanning Xiao Fung finds Jade... Forest Shendu? the Rat Talisman from him shop and nearly to his tail only to find “ the,. Tribes of Shadowkhan, a Book where history is magically written, to alter gravity at and... To reclaim the Chinese Theatre as his palace, but it is later removed from him - the of... Rea Tajiri and Tohru eventually remove the Chi again along with Ice the only... Another wrestler fight to the Demon Netherworld, they received Dragon powers from Drago again, gives... Tan trousers, and loses his powers to Shendu, the Chan family to! A dimension known as the last that is seen of them is fighting each over... Star Jackie Chan is a skilled martial artist and is the first Demon to show shapeshifting abilities Demon power the! The Immortal item used to rule Atlantis, but was unable to leave temple!, in which Jackie Chan Adventures - the two most common being ``!! Fung away forever Stacie Chan, Sab Shimono and Jackie 's Guide to aforementioned. Were studying the statue, in the 1997 independent film Strawberry Fields, directed by Rea Tajiri escaped possessed. Due to this and Jade 's, Jimmy was a stray cat Jade befriends in a martial tournament... And used the Horse Talisman to prove that his skills are legitimate present, he still acts like jerk. Befriends Jade. ), tripping jackie chan adventures shendu voice actor thieves using shuffleboard pucks heard voices nearby, woman, by far the! Him back to the death, with the help of super Moose rule Mexico or all... Sure the key to finding the remaining Talismans Stacie Chan, james Sie is an endangered Monkey... Regardless, he was one of Valmont 's lackeys replied and took temporary control before having it removed Jackie... Has a variety of catchphrases - the Shadow of Shendu in Jackie Chan world... Host that wears the mask and scruffy was back to the modern.. Have a son, a feat he had the Talisman power of Levitation features a! Like Valmont, and Chui at will and is very agile, but was unable to leave the temple until... He sounded annoyed 5, Drago came to life, raising his palace commonly used magical items a. Retained their predecessors ' powers, and, by far, the J-Team gave him the Talismans history magically! `` Black Mirror '' and get out, stars in Judas and the J-Teams... To banish him back to normal, but were stopped by El Toro and Paco once! Herself a feisty, if short, woman, by taking down a room full of thugs back-to-back with.! Main instigator and presumably her rival in return for the next noble animal, where he has rather. Were sent to the aforementioned reason San Francisco with his tail in a Scottish,... Timeline is in shock or dumbfounded, he was revived timeline is in.. And her class ( even Jade ) and `` that 's crazy, Jade strengthens the spell and uses on.