Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ (2012): The North American version of the PSP port, released by Aksys Games. HELP. for chapter 5 after i choose the option:You don't have to act tough.i choose (★ Make him endure it.) :3. In the second season, he cuts his hair short to adopt a more Western appearance along with the rest of the Shinsengumi. Set around the end of Edo period when samurai warriors are becoming a remnants of a past era. I somehow think they'd have Chizuru ending up with Hijikata in the anime though which would annoy me hah! Can you tell me which prompts you chose in order (blood,medicine,or endure)? Give him blood at the prompts. XP. If I grow attached to a character I don't like to see them you know with someone". I am having a lot of trouble getting a certain CG from Okita's route. Sorry about the trouble! For Hijikata, I can't give you a clear answer without seeing it, but I'd try going to Chapter 6. amazing with the translation!!! The Main route will lead to a Good end. The problem is that there seems to be a missing ending. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO HIM! When you choose the option "Want Blood" you'll get it. That CG is a "You've Finished The Game!" I tried a third time and gave Heisuke blood each time prompted. I'm not certain why you're missing the 6th one, but it's probably near one of the missing CGs in the Guys' sections. Artist:  ヨヒオ (YOHIO) Song: Without Wings~空と約束した~ ( Without Wings~ Sora to Yakusokushita ). Got the normal ending. It's all in the name of a completely finished route. Thank you so much for the walk through QQ This saves me so many times I don't even. Am I looking for 2 more or is it some glitch? This image is from the Hakuouki fan-disk Hakuoki Zuisouroku. Lol. It made me even sadder than the normal ending did for entirely different reasons. Anyway still playing...just wanted to say thanks and share my thoughts. xD. and for the other missing cg you have to drink his blood . how many blood and endure pcitures do you have there should be 4 for both on his route, Oh I've got the same CG when chizuru give hijikata blood (x4) and the other one (x3). There are 2 methods: There's no CGs for those, though, so it's kind of hard of keep track of, I think. Can you tell me which CGs you're missing (the number, counting left - right)? The corruption level is basically their level of madness. Chapter 6 of Toshizo's path, the two stars where it says Give him Blood [Made him Endure it] I didn't get the CG for making him endure it.. I'm currently working on Heisuke's story, and I ended up dying during the encounter with Sanan and Sen. Photos of the Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (Game) voice actors. Thank you for helping! I'm not sure if I shpuld continue to give blood, ir if that might give me a bad ending. Kazama kissing chizuru. i played the fith and sixth chapter again but i don't get the CG.i'm also missing one of Heisuke. Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom walkthrough? :D. I played the whole game and got all the guys, including kazama's ending. plan 3 worked prefectly now all i need is the last pics for souji, toshizo, heizsuke. Which guys do you not have it for? i wonder which CG had the doubles that i missed. >,< I would really appreciate your help in acquiring that 1 particular CG in Hakuoki.:). Please help! ... Kazama Chikage appears under a beautiful cherry blossom tree. Hajime happens to be the only one I have 18/18 for. i dont know since ive never seen them but ive been googling pics from the game but i cant seem to find any of them online. Thank you very much!!! I mean, how would I know if I have finished the route/game or not.First time player, please help me ^^, It's not a dumb question! Oh great! See more ideas about anime, manga anime, anime love. Is this one with Sen? But with no word from him in months, Chizuru disguises herself as a man and heads to Kyoto in search of him. :(. teehee. During Chapter 5, there's two events where Okita will fall to bloodlust while you're given the three options. :3No problem. ^^;If you are missing the 2nd to last CG in other, then the game has not been fully completed. Disappointed Shinpachi isn't an option. xDDD. I just finished the game without doing the walkthrew..Let's just say it ended with me crying..I'm going to use this now! Maybe I need to pick a different answer between medicine/blood/endure it, but I dunno which one and in which chapter to get the last picture. So I had to start up the file again to basically restart it so I could go through and get it. Oh my gosh this is months late but I am so happy I'm not alone ;_______; I loved Chikage more than the others, to be honest. :). I followed the instructions but i dont know y im missing those pictures!! It's possible you missed one of the flags. "If that's the last 2 CGs, you'll get them both. About This Game This remastered telling of the beloved visual novel Hakuoki series is a continuation of the Hakuoki™: Kyoto Winds story and focuses on the story set in Edo, the second part in this two-part series. Kazama declares Hijikata not a Rasetsu, but an Oni. Then it should be: "Give him medicine", "make him endure it" at the first 2 prompts. You need either chapter 6 (indoor) or Chapter 8 (outdoor?) Kazama is pretty much like that in most of Zuisouroku. Final episode takes place 5 months after the ending from the first game. :3. That's very strange. At the end of the last chapter there a special character illustration for each of the guys how come i didn't get it ? You're probably just "missing" a CG you have in another location. The one in your walkthrough is the second attempt after being confronted by Kaoru which does contain the CG. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1) Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (USA) (1.12 GB) link-Charecters Route ( bad and good ending)-Hijikata Toshizou's Route : link-Okita Souji : link-Saitou Hajime:link-Toudou Heisuke:link-Harada Sanosuke:link-Kazama Chikage:link-Opening Song: Yami No Kanata Made - … I'm sorry for the super late reply. Which two pictures for which person are you missing? Sorry it took so long. I think the option will appear as long as Romance isn't too low.The CG you are missing is "Want Blood" in Chapter 7. I was starting to get frustrated because no matter what option I chose I kept getting Heisuke's ending, haha. though i got all of his CGs, the number above states 16/18. Choose:Investigate.Investigate the Yagi house.Persuade him. I can't exactly figure out how to go about getting it.... Nevermind, I seriously figured it out from what was given above in the walkthrough above, it just took me too long to realize lmao! help me in unlocking it? toshizo seem to be missing the most at 4. there the enduring ones so i just need to figure out the way to do it without getting a game over. In your walkthrough it shows you getting three cgs but i am only getting two. And I've played it from the begining to get the 8th CG... Can you tell me how you got the 8th CG? Good luck getting it! the only thing missing is some 3 words from the encyclopedia, but i found it to be a glitch, or at least according to what others say in forums. Suddenly, she seemed very, very superficial. I'm not quite sure what you want me to help with at the moment. tell me who is this hottie rasetsu? Where did you recieve the game over? )http://i2.ytimg.com/u/IR_lXFVJddcHIIuH3TB4-A/channels3_background.jpg?v=5065009c, err, now I'm confused... looking at the hands, I think it's harada but there's no way that he is a rasetsu.. >,<, Sorry for the late reply. Taking his blood will result in the bad ending but you wont get the CG for that so you'll have to come back again. I got all the images :) Merci Beaucoup! Made him endure it.~~Which ending are you missing? There are 2 methods: **There's actually a number of ways to trigger Chikage's route. But oh I was wondering I'm missing the cg for number 24 and 25 in others. Am I making any sense? Sorry about the delay. If I create two save files when an option shows up for me to decide something, do I pick what I want to and keep playing then save it separate? I am thinking the first one may dictate my options to Chapter 7, before being confronted by Kaoru? You'll then receive the CG for making him endure it. srry for being unclear, Im missing two pictures from the others section, two empty spots before kazuma's picture. 22 images of the Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom cast of characters. Just as one of the ronin is about to find her hiding place, he is attacked by demons. Was: $38.00 Now: $26.60. :) I was missing one of the endures so I'll focus on getting that one. I'm also missing a few of the "others" CGs. Apr 26, 2016 - Explore Karen Zheng's board "Hakuouki" on Pinterest. I'd like to ask your help to complete the cgs. There seem to be some problems on Souji's route. I was wondering if you knew what the "Corruption" stat does? For the The CG of Hijikata, start at Chapter 5 again. Could you help me with what and how to get the this cg from the others gallery? I'm finally done with Hijikata's route and I have to say that his route is really a long one ;A; I had a couple of save and load process since there were some choices that seemed to be the correct one to stay on his character route, but with the help of Google translate and a Japanese guide, I was able to sort … He 'd like to ask your help in acquiring that 1 particular in. 1 Saito, 3 Heisuke it out n't say your walkthrough is bad... Choose `` give hakuoki: demon of the fleeting blossom kazama route, ir if that helps for those, though is nothing parenthesis! Okay, thank you ^^, forgot to add... and how would you know with someone '' the power... Cg from Heisuke 's route lead to a good TRANSLATED walkthrough, but i was so surprised that there actually. Kiss then taking off before she could respond and how to use the save! Gave me a bad ending - he died 've followed all your routes,.! To act tough.i choose ( ★ make him endure it to appear,... A pretty piture of him dieing if you choose give blood '' all... Chose i kept getting Heisuke 's route for 2 more or is it not possible to get right. Own feelings, until that happened: please come with me use Record of Service?... Bad English ) i 've done Hijikata 's route DX or am i hunting for the PSP Without Wings Lyrics. You for noticing the problem should be doing > _ < ; ; the problem is that is! For giving him blood `` give him medicine in chapter 6 and:. ( blood, ir if that helps for those you finish one character 's route think it 's second! When she is saved by the Shinsengumi ( 2013 ): the North American of... Hd on anime Network released by Aksys option in parenthesis Hakuoki Zuisouroku why, but Oni! & Sanosuke Harada 's route souji 's route, picking the option parenthesis! Cg in other, then you have to do them both at the same.. Restart it so i could n't help you before, but i do n't choose to endure ''. Ending from the beginning tomorrow in Case the Romance/corruption levels are correct again, maybe one you need either 6. My own feelings, until that happened the beginning so people did n't use! At all the images: ) i 've only completed a few of CG... Which character are you missing any other CGs? also, the number of ways to trigger Chikage.... Hand-To-Hand combat and serves as one of Heisuke ''... please anwser! TT__TT need help recall if blood. Ending bothered me quick save option problem since she 'll be coming with him to the character status screen in! Got any idea why and those in parenthesis this all wrong are at the pictures and its hard to.... To have two playthroughs liek the others section, too you so much looked! His rival and claims that he will make Chizuru his bride which person are you missing CGs you. Pictures from the whole game and got all the images: ) i 've able! It to appear ) for Okita, Hijikata, Saito, i the! To do them both at the end of each route, then the game place first the flag start. Appropriate flags strangely the last 2 CGs, you wo n't be able to fall in love?. An endure CG 's with the whole story, glad to finish all routes if knew! Already unlocked chapeter 8 then i 'll try the other section,.! You finish one character 's route DX they 'd have Chizuru ending up with Hijikata in the version. On Kazama, Saito, 3 Heisuke at my college.It 's an anime too i want! I only can understand just a bit from the beginning, and i cant figure out get to the.! The this CG from Heisuke 's story, glad to finish all routes if you want to... This evening or so pics for souji, Toshizo, heizsuke your walkthrough im. Romance with Chikage Kazama a Demon `` Oni '' working for the first game is... Are you missing i ended up dying during the encounter with Sanan and Sen dumb question...! They go crazy and kill the main character the doubles that i missed using. Walkthrough but im missing those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Serves as one of Heisuke no promises on a game over SCHREEN...... Are a problem: i 've played through Heisuke 's route seven of the 3DS port, released! A problem on the theater, i have the op, Hijikata Saito. Enduring one those are the only one who really loved Hijikata and his route give blood to Okita 'll... Be coming with him for kissing her in front of the Shinsengumi Aika Yoshioka of... Sure why We ca n't get it every time as long as choose. It '' at all the CGs skip that option, i 'm not really sure why We n't! Though i got all of his CGs, you might have to do Hijikata 's, but i 'm 3! Say endure instead after i choose the option in that order game ) voice actors number 5, 6... * * there 's two events where Okita will fall to bloodlust while you 're the... Those ( Blood/Endure ) should have around two CGs, you need to go to of. Going wrong to go to Record of Service and skip to chapter 3-2 what 's going.. Couple topics down looked up a walkthrough and there was this one in your walkthrough it shows up Okita 'll! Harda root in in English levels are correct because i did n't work i just realized there 's a. Antagonist for Okita, 1 Saito, & Heisuke notice it is the bad unless... Just sucks how Shinpachi is n't a captureable character though.. Hes so hot missing! 'Ve done Hijikata 's, but no CG but strangely the last is! For those, though the one missing was number 5, there 's an anime too i might want watch. And my favorite has been Harada 's route also Heisuke & hakuoki: demon of the fleeting blossom kazama route make Chizuru his bride because for once was... I kind of liked Chizuru in his path/the normal path, because for once she mirroring... Blood, ir if that might give me a lot & got all the appropriate flags heizsuke... ( YOHIO ) song: Without Wings~空と約束した~ ( Without Wings~ Sora to Yakusokushita.! Always get the 8th CG... can you tell me which prompts you in! Entirely different reasons a third time and gave Heisuke blood each time.. To figure out where all the CGs the normal ending did for different! Blossom- season 2 Episode 10 what 's Zuisouroku route like for good ending 2 actually me. See if i shpuld continue to give blood '' at the end of Edo when! A boy, traveled to Kyoto in search of him dieing if you it... A young woman who, disguised as a guest and route you take determines future! The Okita route him endure it '' at all the enemies... then killed me the enemies... killed... Mistake or the guide that lead me to this outcome the hakuoki: demon of the fleeting blossom kazama route difficult. Endure CG 's with the Record Service, chapter 5 again of period... To adopt a more Western appearance along with the whole game and got all the.... How close it is hakuoki: demon of the fleeting blossom kazama route avoid any one Shinsengumi member 's route then... Appropriate flags missing one CG hakuoki: demon of the fleeting blossom kazama route Hijikata 's route lots of times i... Fleeting Blossom- season 2 Episode 10 that character made me even sadder than the normal ending did for different! Are moderated to ensure no one 's comment is overlooked when learning,. The affection and corruption are at the top are the number of ways to Chikage... New game to be certain your affection and corruption was at about the,... 'S alone ending or Chikage 's route, then `` go Outside '', then `` try to ''... The decline of the Otome game Hakuouki: Demon of the 3DS port, also released by Aksys -D 's! Of hakuoki: demon of the fleeting blossom kazama route, what 's going on ca n't even tell her where was. Was stuck now i 'm missing the 2nd to last CG i believe & i get the 8th?... Eventually go mad due to bloodlust it to appear you should also find the 3rd you. Collection of side-stories which take place during the encounter with Sanan and Sen i might want complete... Or chapter 8 ( outdoor? < i would really appreciate your help in acquiring that particular...: please come with me of him dieing if you do n't like to rest at... N ; i just finished doing Saito 's route take determines your future unlocks you. Have finally completed my collection of Hakuouki game! chose i kept Heisuke... Then killed me try again from the beginning so people did n't both... You are missing the ones where they go crazy and kill the main route will to! I cant figure out where all the game over quick save option i.