——— Jim reflects on the Yama-Uba recording project: "When Aaron first approached me about adding a voice to Yama-Uba, the plan was to release two separate records. “I.C.E. ① Cherry, 1976. Watch band calendar. Undone by Yama-Uba, released 01 February 2019 Frost covers glass Snow muffles sound Another year Come to a close These devils of my own design Take me down Dark roads I already I already know the way That silence I could not break Even as the end folded in on us That silence I could not break Even as the end folded in on us So much left unsaid So much left undone April 1980 Once upon a time, the story of the Takakurabo fox. Diarrhea Planet “Aloha + Yama-Uba” RECORD LABEL STORE DAY 7” Bundle ... Central Mutual Bank, 2 postcards. The band has traveled throughout the East coast on extensive self-booked tours in support of their two releases. January sheets 2 January January January.. Mount size 9 cm long and 5.5 cm wide. That summer, the band signed to Nashville's Infinity Cat Recordings (home of Jeff theBrotherhood, Heavy Cream, Natural Child, Pujol, and more) and released the 7" Yama-Uba as part of Infinity Cat's Econolineseries. Sumitomo Life. Yama Uba is a darkwave/post-punk duo from Oakland, CA, featuring Akiko Sampson (Ötzi) on vocals, synth and bass and Winter Zora (Mystic Priestess, Ötzi) on guitar and vocals. Mother nature is in control, is quite mysterious and extremely powerful—like an erupting volcano—the imagery used for this release. Hot Spit 2. The greatest rock band in the history of the world 2009 - 2018 Sites: Facebook, diarrheaplanet.com, Bandcamp. (1) February 1978 A long time ago story, Nishio's Yama-uba. While curating the compilation, Psychic Eye label founder Akiko Sampson (who also performs in Yama Uba and the post-punk band Ötzi) quickly found themself with almost too many bands to fit on one compilation, based in all of the regions of the mainland US. Tobacco calendar. Yama-Uba EP by Diarrhea Planet, released 12 July 2011 1. They went on to release two more EPs (2011’s Yama-Uba and 2014’s Aliens in the Outfield) and two more full-lengths (2013’s I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams and 2016’s Turn to Gold). Yamanba This was originally released as part of Infinity Cat Recordings' Econoline 7" … Reign by Yama-Uba, released 01 February 2019 Dark deep down below the reign The reign of man Buried in concrete Concrete and stone A world built Built so Unsustainable And yet surviving Surviving still No light but what But we make No life but But what but what you’re told Your fate decided A lifetime before Before your First breath Your first breath No hope to To reach the The world above Blackened by Yama-Uba, released 01 February 2019 Grey skies break clear Squint through blackened eyes Those last days spent in unrelenting pain Unrelenting pain Bruises do not fade Fade to memory Tiny hands grasp At cold heart Scratch for some sign Some sign of hope To heal takes effort Clock ticks away Nothing Remains clear Mutt Feast 3.