On the way down he grabbed a branch, which temporarily stopped his fall. Read So Far So Good from the story The Upside of Falling by Lucifer404 (Addie) with 1,389 reads. hey Aida not all men sleep with you and then dump u.dnt be so bitter.your words are not so good they take away hope for those who are still Hoping to fall in love again. A joke is told about the “optimist” who fell or jumped off New York City’s Empire State Building. ... somebody stuck his head out one of the windows and asked the falling man: “Hey man, how are you?” “So far, so good!” - came the answer. CURRENT TOPICS. google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; 3. 5, col. 7: 1997, ©1995 So good it's better than itself. As he passed the fifth floor, where a crowd of horrified men watched him, he cried, ‘All right so far, boys.’” It’s about creating yourself”, “Oreos are the peasant version of macarons”, “Why did the marble countertop leave the kitchen? //--> 12, col. 4: Discarded as trash in 2006. We are not trying to offend, just looking for a good laugh!! Turns out she was seeing someone else the whole time. • “Why did the marble countertop leave the kitchen? I’m willing to say: ‘I’m all right so far!’ but I want a net to fall in.” (This is the end of Joke One, but it has a continuation). Check out our awesome sharing options! Google Books -Steven Wright Funny Humorous Inspirational Life Joke Quote Picture Art Home Decor Living Room Bedroom Wording Graphic Design Mural Size : 6 Inches X 72 Inches - Vinyl Wall Sticker - 22 Colors Available,You can get more details about Top Selling Decals - Prices Reduced : I intend to live forever. So young, so bad, so what! So far so good. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3535799185159270"; And the moron says, So far so good.” But we must ask ourselves how can we advocate for refining humor, so we don’t continue falling into the ditches of objectifying others and self-deprecation for humor’s sake. It’s challenging. An optimist falling from a tenth story window, called out cheerfully as he passed each story, going down, “All right so far!” In October 1903 “The Baltimore Sun” of Maryland printed a statement from political candidate General Booth-Tucker that included an instance of the tale: 6 Press J to jump to the feed. Jones’ off day (I don’t really have an off day so we can’t have a whole day to ourselves but we usually meet for dinner and a movie.) google_ad_type = "text_image"; Madalyn Mendoza. Labels: Alivia and Lenya told me you were very funny. 22 February 1936, El Paso (TX) Herald-Post, “It Seems to Me” by Heywood Broun, pg. 1927 Pg. //--> A man named Jack was walking along a steep cliff one day, when he accidentally got too close to the edge and fell. “Turkey, ordering a new war-ship without paying what is due on past contracts, recalls the optimism of the slater who, falling from a tower, remarked as he passed each story, ‘All’s well so far’” was printed in The Youth’s Companion (Boston, MA) on May 30, 1901. Dave Chappelle: “8:46” ... it instead is imparted with all of the wisdom and good humor she possesses. Set your minds on things above and not on earthly things. “What did the moron say when he jumped off the Empire State Building?” Vicik was laughing so hard he could hardly get out the punch line. Everyone is back in school! 30 June 1956, The Oregonian (Portland, OR), “TV Gag Bag,” sec. Funny jokes for tall people . google_color_url = "008000"; By Len Deighton The only good news in the polls so far for the Ferraro-Mondale ticket is it seems to be runni~ng reasonably well against Undecided. As you process the joke, you may want to consider why you are reacting so seriously to the joke and why you are sensitive to the joke. google_ad_client = "pub-0382623543249625"; ", their post immediately went viral, generating over 70k upvotes and nearly 15K of bad jokes. 2, col. 2: 14. So, there's that. Audio provided by Dorothy Emmerich. 5 of them share how it's going so far. London: The Robson Press More One Liners, Jokes and Gags • While the man was descending, a crowd gathered below. I’ve even got a standardized agenda for the days we meet. google_color_link = "0000FF"; A joke about "So Far So Good". Pg. Here are the best stand-up comedy specials of 2020 so far. A man in a fourth-floor window heard him saying as he went down: ‘Well! google_ad_height = 600; 19 May 1904, San Francisco (CA) Chronicle, “Convention Opens Cheering Roosevelt,” pg. What is the origin of the term "So far, so good" ? It’s about creating yourself” (1/25) Q: Why were shorts invented? What does so far, so good expression mean? ", their post immediately went viral, generating over 70k upvotes and nearly 15K of … said he’s an optimist, like the fellow who jumped off the skyscraper and yelled as he passed the twentieth floor: “So far, so good.” Q: What do a tall wizard and a tall elf have in common? As he passed the eighth story he called out: ‘I’m all right so far!’ As he passed the fifth story he cried out again: ‘I’m all right so far!’ and as he flew past the second story the same cheerful cry was heard. A man try to commit suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of a building, by the time he reaches the 5th floor, a woman inside the building open the window and ask him "How are you doing? ... like the A piece of me dies every time I mess with this shit. Lyrics written by Buddy Bernier and sung by Edythe Wright. google_color_border = "336699"; (Spoken by Commander Booth-Tucker of the Salvation Army.—ed.) So here’re 20 hilarious jokes that focus on the lighter side of 2020. ? Google Books So far, so good. Volume 21 1. 23 October 1908, The Globe (Toronto, ON), “The Full-Fed Philosopher,” pg. And although the ability to tell awful jokes will be sure to make your children roll their eyes for years to come, even the most skilled dad jokesters need a little inspiration from time to time. 26 April 1910, The Morning Mission and Riverside Enterprise (Riverside, CA), “School Superintendents of California Meet in Annual Session at Glenwood Inn,” pg. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Opening a restaurant during a pandemic is no joke. Google Books 282, col. 1: The building was high and the fall long. Autumn is a time when death is golden and beautiful. [This entry includes subsequent research by the Quote Investigator.] 1 Apr 2019 1 April 2019. So far today, God, I've done all right. Tell me that joke again Posted by Chip Lusko at 7:30 PM. 24 Jokes That Are Too Real For People That Love Autumn. 9, col. 5: A: They both needed a short hobbit to save their butts. I used to date a girl with a lazy eye. 24, col. 5: So far, so good.’ That’s us. am reminded of the man who fell from the roof of a New York skyscraper. 1963 ", he answer "So Far So Good!" If this is inflation, at least we are carrying on after a fashion. Publish Then he landed headfirst and hadn’t a word more to say. Pg. Listen to Robert Emmerich introduce "The Big Apple," a hit song from 1937. Cart Rate this quote: (4.50 / 2 votes) 3,648 Views. As the character said, while passing the twentieth story in the forty-story fall, “So far, so good.” It turns out far too many college men think those jokes are funny. What about yours?" And after having a good chuckle, make a friend or family member’s day, by buying them awesome gifts from Yellow Octopus, to turn gloom into glee. So rotten, they're actually good. 24: 25 July 1952, Evening World-Herald (Omaha, NE), “It Happened Last Night” by Earl Wilson, pg. These aren’t just the very good TV shows that aired in 2020. So far so good on these verses…. 31 March 1948, New Castle (PA) News, pg. Here are the best Halloween jokes to get the whole family in the spooky spirit, from clever Halloween knock-knock jokes to hilarious one-liners and puns. 1 Yo mamma so fat I took a picture of her last Christmas, and it's still printing. It stood as the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years, from its completion in early 1931 until the topping out of the original World Trade Center’s North Tower in late 1970. Shop with confidence on eBay! 1, col. 6: 30 May 1901, The Youth’s Companion (Boston, MA), pg. Google Books However, the gorilla is their most popular attraction by far, and they can't afford to go a day without it. Hei… I am not feeling well today. Epic Jokes ! He was heard to remark as he passed each floor: ‘All right so far.’ What he remarked when he struck the cobblestone pavement was not reported” was printed in the Kansas Agitator (Garnett, KS) on September 25, 1903. Then, after telling them for a while, the dad joke-ness will take over you and your transition into an official dad joke-teller will be complete. Definition of so far, so good in the Idioms Dictionary. So Far, So Good By Chip Lusko. 9, col. 3: Henry Morgan knows an optimist. Pg. (General Booth-Tucker, Commander-in-Chief of the Salvation Army.—ed.) Hundreds of jokes posted each day, and some of them aren't even reposts! A man jumped from the 10th story and is falling to the ground. Following the September 11 attacks in 2001, the Empire State Building was again the tallest building in New York (although it was no longer the tallest in the US or the world), until One World Trade Center reached a greater height on April 30, 2012. Web site Jokes of the day is not responsible for content of jokes. When Reddit user indurative-conseils asked the internet, "What's a joke that's so stupid it's funny? See more of Funny Pictures on Facebook. -- Wendy O. William Pg. So far, so good definition is - —used to say that something (such as a project or an activity) has proceeded well or without problems up to the present. The funniest sub on reddit. I really don't think I'll be living much longer. "/"It was tired of being taken for granite.”. New York, NY: Chelsea House An Adventure Story He told a story about an optimist who fell out of a six story window, and as he passed the third story in his fall called out ‘All right so far,’ stating that the optimist is all right till he meets with sudden disaster. These were our escapes from despair during a year when television provided the escape we needed, as chosen by Vulture’s TV critics. Often, your reaction to a joke is based on your thoughts associated with the joke. - So far, so good" So in the end, he will obviously die, but while he's falling, he keep saying to himself that's eveything's ok. ‘All right so far.’” Joke definition, something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or a prankish act: He tells very funny jokes. google_color_border = "336699"; Turkey, ordering a new war-ship without paying what is due on past contracts, recalls the optimism of the slater who, falling from a tower, remarked as he passed each story, “All’s well so far.” The man who fell off the roof of the Railway Exchange Building, and who was heard to remark, as he passed the seventh floor on his way down, “So far, so good,” was an optimist. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Today is the last day of your life, so far. Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. film review for school. 25 September 1903, Kansas Agitator (Garnett, KS), “Co-operation,” pg. “I am as optimistic about North Dakota these days as that true optimist who fell out of a tenth story window. google_color_url = "008000"; She played a joke on him. Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used. See more. ... And, yes, we might drink some flavoured fucking coffee, so what? NOTE: All jokes on this web site are property of the sites they are collected from. "Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? “Optimist who fell ten stories, This reminds me of the optimist who fell from the top of a twenty-story building. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Absolutely horrible. Deigned by Blink Marketing Let's read Short Jokes Of The Day about Jokes About Tall People, Funny Jokes For Tall People. A: So tall people wouldn’t look like they’re always wearing capris. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Jan. 21 ... "I can't say every day is good … You may be interpreting the joke in a more serious way than was intended or are not understanding the joke correctly. Joke parade - A joke a day keeps the doctor away. He shouts to his friends: New York, NY: Laurel-Leaf Books So, while we obviously need to take COVID-19 very seriously, and follow the recommendations from the CDC and the WHO, we also need to laugh. I usually stay over 3 days in a week.