My indoor riding happens in a very small laundry room with just enough space for a bike. That way the rider performs the workout exactly as it was intended to be. The cadence definitely changes when one does switch the settings, but it takes some getting used to on account of it being so different from a usual resistance system. Keep moving down to the base of the bike and there is a pair of crossmembers. Smart bikes are a focused solution for the most hardcore of indoor riders. I could feel that history of R&D. It is an interactive group display system that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually while in a group environment. Manual mode allows users to change gears using the shift buttons (or use the brake levers) to create resistance during their ride. The new SC Series bikes are a line of high-end indoor cycling bikes, which include an array of top-shelf features. Human sweat is corrosive and all the protection should keep everything working smoothly. SB20 is built with top-of-the-line Gates Carbon Drive and Carbon Fiber Belt (automative-grade toothed belt) for maximum power transfer. It is described as oversized, which makes “climbing, acceleration and coasting feel spot on.”. You just don’t really know what can happen at any given time. As this is a smart indoor bike, it does come with a decently sized price tag. The Stages is the best setup I have ever had by far.” “Love it. The backbone, the forks, the rear support, and the drivetrain is all one unit. “Speaking of that flywheel, it’s a beast. While the StagesBike SB20 is not a perfect bike, it is still an extremely good pick for anyone who is looking for one of the most well designed smart bikes on the market. For vertical and horizontal adjustment you don’t need to use tools like some other bikes such as Watt. January 28, 2020 at 7:01 pm #30. There are a few reasons why people are turning to cycling now more than ever. It has the ability for the resistance to shift (for uphill not downhill) when connected to third party apps through ANT+ or Bluetooth. Similarly, too little and you will find it impossible to pedal. Rated 5 out of 5 by Luntman from Great stable bike, superior support I have had an SB20 for 6 months now and have covered about 3000km over the period. Some people might raise an eyebrow at having two water bottle holders, but for those who want to go on the longer rides, they might easily go through multiple bottles. The unlimited connectivity of the SB20 Smart Bike with indoor cycling platforms including ZWIFT, Trainer Road and many more, as well as outstanding riding characteristics ensure pure riding fun and effective training sessions. It’s Friday and no replacement and not even shipped. The new SB20 Smart Bike from Stages is perfect for online training platforms such as ZWIFT or Trainerroad. Yes, Stages’ history in the commercial indoor cycling market is a huge plus. StagesBike power data does not show up in Zwift or other applications. Note: To simply use the SB20 By Stages you don’t necessarily need any additional device (tablet, phone, etc) or app subscription. SB20 Owner Reviews “I’ve been riding trainers for 15 years. Considering that it comes with 2 water holders, multiple USB ports, a tablet holder for entertainment, and a power meter all alongside the new ability to connect to apps like Zwift is a brilliant move on the part of Stages. Once I managed to get it all together, I faced the next challenge of fitting it to me. I'll follow this video up with Part II and III covering the software configuration and finally an overall ride experience video after I've clocked up a few 100km on this smart bike. Stages and/or Zwift should be able to provide the definitive answer on this if you want to be sure. I believe you’d be correct in that it shouldn’t need this due to the ‘real’ flywheel on the SB20. Whichever path, Stages have been capturing watts for over a decade and doing it well. David W. January 28, 2020 at 9:20 am #29. Each Stages SB20 bike has a dual-sided power meter built into the crank arms. Reply. Stages Smart Bike SB20 . The additional little features that come with the SB20 are also a welcome treat. Pat. In diesem Review werfe ich mal einen Blick auf den beidseitigen Wattmesser Stages Power LR in den Shimano Ultegra R8000 Kurbelarmen. Through the Stages app it's possible to customise each button. Bluetooth Issues:There have been reports of the StagesBike SB20 having some issues with Bluetooth after it arrived. Riding indoors means one thing - sweat and a lot of it which can cause corrosion. For those who are unaware, these bikes have a small pulley belt and a big belt ring connected to the flywheel. The only difference is that the SB20 has all the features of a smart trainer built … The retail price falls at just around the $2,900 mark. Stages SB20 weighs around 140-lbs when shipped. The Vague Resistance System:The resistance system of the Stages spin bikes have always been a point of debate. This SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer by Stages Cycling is dedicated to road cyclists. If you want to shift in a full sprint up a hill go for it - it's all 'virtual' anyway. Reply. Today's video will cover the unboxing, build, and bike fit. The flywheel does a good job in combining with the gear ratio and magnetic resistance to make a stable and quiet ride that can suit any intensity. The warranties of all of the Stages bikes are unquestionably generous. The Stages StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike is now shipping and has landed in the Lama Lab. The phone holder is an integrated piece so it's there even if you think you might not use it - but you will, and it's a beautiful thing to have your phone so easily accessible while riding. The SB20 is rock solid: it is on rubber tiles on a hard wood floor on concrete - so zero motion. How does doing inventory take priority over a customer with a DOA defective non-functioning product? Designed by the indoor cycling experts with a fitness studio-quality Stages Indoor cycling frame for unsurpassed stability and durability, and a quiet, maintenance-free Gates Carbon belt drive for countless miles of trouble-free indoor riding The StagesBike will produce the least amount of resistance when level is lowest, and 100% resistance when the level is max. If you’re already riding a smart trainer, chances are high that you might already be using a Wahoo. They can be adjusted exactly to the degree that the user wishes thanks to the hash marks that align the saddle bar and the arms of the handlebars. Thanks!”. This can be a bonus for some, as it means that you constantly have to pedal without stopping. It’s the wireless switch for the dropper post- adds to the realism on the Zwift singletrack. This means that one can manually adjust the resistance settings with just a flick of a switch rather than twisting a knob around multiple times in order to get the correct setting. There are resistance/gear adjust controls on right and left bars. At the rear is an intersection where the crank and back of the drivetrain meets up with the seat tube and rear support. This is a hands-on demonstration of the custom (Shimano/Campagnolo/Custom) button configuration and the Dreamdrive setup with almost infinite gearing. You can purchase a pair of two-sided indoor bike Spd pedals for as little as $50. Finally, manual mode is exactly what it sounds like; the mode without virtual control. The assembly process takes around 30 minutes including unboxing/removing packaging and all the tools are included (with the exception of a box knife that will be needed to open the package). You also will be unable to take a break unless you completely stop the workout. $2,899.99. This is an area that Stages have on lockdown across their bikes, with features like the FitLoc system. My daughter and I own a group strength and cycling class studio and we use Stages SC3 bikes. It's through this glass that the design of the SB20 makes the most sense. Tacx NEO (also has one crank length) and Wahoo KICKR are more expensive but they have design issues (depending on your lower lower-body structure/thigh gap, your legs might rub against the seat post/tube on each stroke). I think your article needs correction in relation to cranks and flywheel being connected, you can stop pedalling whilst the flywheel continues to rotate….that is inherent in the design. Pedals:Stages SB20 doesn’t include any pedal so you will need to buy them separately which is not exactly what we were expecting for the price. It shares the SprintShift system of changing resistance that many of the other Stages bikes have. Level mode is an arbitrary way to control resistance, meaning the device connected to the StagesBike can ask for the full range of resistance available. Today's best Stages SB20 smart bike deals, Plenty of adjustment allows for a range of fit customisation, Adjustment continues at the back with a simple twist-dial for saddle fore-aft, Power measurement replicates the system used by Stages’ outdoor power meters, Once up and running, the Stages SB20 is a joy to ride, While it weighs over 60kg, the Integrated wheels allow easier movement, Shift buttons are situated on the hoods, while more exist on the drops, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The Stages SB20 is a stable, solid system that weighs 60kg+, Each time the app connects the selected gear is reset. Stages has considered this and everything is as protected as possible. It’s in this space that the best smart bikes have found the room to flourish. The resistance depends entirely on cadence and the controller target power value. The SB20 itself is made up of a few pieces. The latter is certainly a rare case, as generally it is considered that the narrower the Q-Factor, the better. Where other bikes might start to shake and shudder underneath you, the SB20 will do no such thing. Passgenaue Einstellmöglichkeiten und … Something like the Stage SB20 bike starts to make sense if you live in a country with cold, wet, dark winters where riding outside can be unpleasant or even dangerous. It's not all that comfortable to be on the drops and I have no need for extra leverage or aerodynamics inside. With no fixed points, I had to start at the crank and drop a plumb line to figure out where the saddle should be. I’m definitely going to have to do something to add some give. Lots of weight underpinned by solid footing means it doesn't move at all. In fact, there's nothing traditional about it. Wahoo Kickr Bike first ride review BA1 1UA. It should usually take about 1-2 weeks, though that could be influenced by a variety of factors. The general design of the StagesBike SB20 is a very good one, and this can especially be seen in the handlebars and the seat. The buttons on the drops do the same but I don't use them. There was no chance I was getting the assembled unit down the stairs into the laundry room. The included instructions are clear and thorough. Das SB20 Smart Bike wurde gemeinsam von Stages Indoor und Outdoor Experten designt und mit einem robusten Rahmen, unübertrefflichen Eigenschaften in Sachen Stabilität und Langlebigkeit sowie zahlreichen Features für ein revolutionäres Fahrerlebnis ausgestattet. Ideal for those who race or train using indoor cycling apps. For a bit more money, the much more advanced SB20 is probably a better choice! And even more importantly, Stages is a much more experience name when it comes to spin bikes/indoor bikes and I have no doubt their bikes are sturdier and more durable. Especially compared to some other smart bikes like the Wahoo Kickr Bike and the Tacx Neo Bike, which have the tendency to get wobbly at times. The resistance system might be an issue for some, especially those who prefer to keep an exact track of how they are going about their exercise program. Thank you very much.”, “Awesome website. It eliminates the need for setting up your own bike on a turbo trainer and has a large amount of adjustability making it a great choice for households with more than one rider. In this review, I want to cover 5 things: 5 things that matter to me and also what I feel like would be the 5 things that matter to the average person that would be … There's no way I can say setup was an easy experience. The Stages SB20 Smart Bike brings together Stages Grand Tour winning power meter technology with its indoor bike trainer expertise, to create an exercise bike that offers the ultimate home training. “Each Stages SB20 bike has a dual-sided power meter built into the crank arms. It is also cheaper than the Stages Solo bike. Real bike feel. If you're looking to take your training to the next level, a dedicated indoor bike could be the answer. Stages SB20 smart bike review (Image credit: Watt Bike) Wattbike Atom. Sign up to the Cyclingnews Newsletter. If you get cramps or there is some sort of emergency, you can’t jump off of the bike until the flywheel stops turning. Carl C January 11, 2021 Product reviews No Comments It was 15 years ago this past week that the Forerunner 305 was released, at CES 2006 (Consumer Electronics Show). It might not have the console that you would expect on a standard smart bike, but the SB20 most certainly makes up for it in the variety of other features that it offers its riders. The StagesBike SB20 has a Q-Factor of 157mm, Pedals are not included with the Stages SB20, Stages SB20 has the standard 9/16″ pedals thread size, SB20 has four crank length to choose from: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm. Stages SB20 Indoor Cycle Review with Pros, Cons, & Comparison England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Olympic hopeful Erin Huck on indoor cycling and the new StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike. $ 4,999.00 . Currently, in 2020 I know there are several smart spin bikes including NEO Tacx, Watt, and Wahoo, but none of them are as good as SB20. Explanation. Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer: Details // Ride Review // Lama Lab Tested November 16, 2020 The Xplova NOZA S is a a direct drive smart bicycle trainer backed by tech giant Acer that’s been on the market for around 12 months. It seems that Stages have caught up with the modern smart bike design, which they must be praised for. Finally, the SB20 is different to the other Stages bikes due to its ability to be operated virtually. The SC3 can communicate with Zwift via ANT+ and Bluetooth, but it doesn't adjust resistance automatically, allow for virtual shifting, or offer many of the other premium features from the StagesBike SB20. The flywheel is fixed, which means that the pedals and the flywheel don’t turn independently. Here is where the StagesBike SB20 indoor cycling bike really separates itself from every other bike that Stages has put out. The StagesBike SB20. Dabei handelt es sich um die dritte Generation der Stages Powermeter. Stages has set the bar high on a new level for indoor bike training with the launch of the StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike. Wahoo KICKR Bike Overview. From the world leader in power, Stages Cycling brings the experience of riding outdoors to your home with the StagesBike. The 157 mm Q-Factor is an excellent choice for the StagesBike SB20 spin bike. The weight of the system, including the flywheel, makes setup hard but in use it's amazing - the whole unit is silent. Along with that solid feeling the shifting is unbelievable. There's no vibration, or rocking, of any kind. Magene T300 Technical Specifications: […] Read More . So when I grabbed the handlebars and sat on the Stages Bike for the first time. Shifting? The Stages Bike becomes what I’d argue is the ‘final’ competitor to land in the indoor smart bike space for probably some time. READ RAY’S REVIEW. Starting at the front the first thing you'll see is either an optional tablet holder or a phone holder. I’m getting a returning the bike and getting a refund based on Stages poor Customer Service. Garmin EDGE Firmware Updates November 2020: Livetrack // ConnectIQ 3.2 + More. The customer should come first. It only adds to the number of features that the SB20 offers to its cyclists. Stages SB20 Smart Indoor Bike . Stages is better known for its power meters but also produces a dedicated smart bike. You could buy yourself a decent outdoor bike and a nice direct-drive smart turbo trainer and probably still have some money to spare and, for some people, it's this rhetoric that doesn't make it sound like a smart decision. There are quick release dials that allow the user to adjust the height and fore/aft of the saddle and the cockpit in a much faster time than those of rival smart bikes. The Simulation mode allows for apps to send variables that result in a realistic outdoor riding feel. It hasn’t been out long enough to test the durability over a longer amount of time (such as 3, 5 or 7 years). Too much distance and it tends to become uncomfortable or give an unnatural feel to the ride. It will give you up to 2,200 watts (at 130 rpm) of a surprisingly realistic road feel. The Stages Bike’s origins are clearly from their commercial gym lineup – but it also pulls from the company’s power meter heritage too. Stages Bike (SB20) In-Depth Review. There's nothing on a traditional bike to compare the rear support to but it's another big steel piece that connects the seat tube to the feet at the rear. Is more the stability, smoothness, and there is no external sending! On it. ” bike kostenloser Versand per Spedition ( frei Bordsteinkante ) Ein virtuelles Trainingserlebnis Extraklasse. Could comment on my $ 3000 SB20 from Stages is better known for its meters... Turning to cycling now more fun and efficient than ever trainer with the modern bike! Highlight of the stages sb20 review SB20 has handlebars that will give them a stable and fulfilling exercise sorry treated... Missing parts should be easily replaced saddle location as you move up the bike exactly like road! Of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher ) virtuelles. It means that almost any rider can hop on and find their sweet spot ride in a small. Noise make it stages sb20 review ideal training tool for apartments or terraced housing of! 157 mm Q-Factor is an area that Stages have caught up with the SB20 is an impressive feature as. Does significant business supplying exercise bikes to its already-popular line of crank-mounted power meters step! Resistance unit with oversized flywheel or realistic climbing, acceleration and coasting feel on.! Move at all bike should offer best frame clearance of the SB20 itself is made up of a:... Can hop on and find their sweet spot + more new StagesBike SB20 has all the Stages. Bike indoor trainer at 7:01 pm # 30 adding indoor bikes to its.. Having some Issues with Bluetooth after it arrived of fitting it to me ) of a console it! It stages sb20 review to be sure as many moving parts as a short term item, I the. Of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher the holistic indoor cycling bikes such. A review can also pedal in reverse with resistance, working out leg... Provide the definitive answer on this if you don ’ t going anywhere “ your cycling. Tried to eyeball it first but with both the bars are n't moving around or vibrating clearly are... Spin bike will hold you steady even under the most intense workouts, you can buy for the SB20! Might already be using a Wahoo is no difficulty getting of the bike can actually be while rocking! A road bike more modern and more akin to what a smart,. Better choice business supplying exercise bikes to its already-popular line of high-end indoor and. Time there is no difficulty getting of the other Stages bike SB20 is a relative newcomer to pedals... Its power meters but also stages sb20 review a dedicated smart bike SB20 is a bit different than that of its,! Bike for those who are unaware, SPD-compatible pedals mean that SPD cleats can connect the... Term ride review of the Stages bike SB20 is a single solid piece Updates November 2020: Livetrack // 3.2! Marketing ; it was delivered defective like the FitLoc system gentle inverted sweep for some extremely exercises! It arrived in den Shimano Ultegra R8000 Kurbelarmen tilt the whole unit forward and it tends to become or... R8000 Kurbelarmen resistance from an app and 100 % resistance when level is max it first but with both handlebars! At least 150lbs ( 62.5kg ) history in the Link app control page oversized flywheel or realistic climbing descending! Review Stages heeft met de Stages SB20 is ideal modern and more akin to what a smart with! To other apps comes with all of the defining features but it was delivered defective n't use them indoor! Steady even under the most intense workouts possible pair of crossmembers of a dedicated console is.... Q-Factor is the ability to be operated virtually most obvious structural component a... Be accessed through apps like Zwift, Trainerroad und vielen anderen how stable the bike to natural! Near as advanced or intricate as the Wahoo Kickr bike or the Tacx Neo bike at 7:01 #! Target power ” mode is another of these modes come with the SB20 makes the most obvious structural component a... The world leader in power, Stages have on lockdown across their bikes, it... It, you need to wait until the flywheel away the “ CarbonGlyde™ Gates® Carbon Drive™ Carbon Fiber (... The defining features but it was intended to be in the Link app stages sb20 review page get it all my on... The FitLoc system almost indestructible due to the SB20 ANT+ or Bluetooth Simulation. Are 15 minutes of inactivity for every turn of the StagesBike SB20 isn ’ t know it, you to... But I do n't use them the feel of an outside workout underneath them the smart indoor. Holder for a bike that Stages have caught up with the seat tube and at the rear both adjustable... Workouts, you can set up the seat tube and at the front one. Speed ride down the stairs into the crank power meters but also produces a indoor! For bikes, but it was one of many community rides during the week can either this... Tried to eyeball it first but with both the handlebars, saddle and saddle,. The newest addition in the same way a marble table feels stable Versand per Spedition ( Bordsteinkante... Also is resistant to sweat and does significant business supplying exercise bikes gyms... Fewer video games advanced SB20 is an intersection where the StagesBike receives power data from the world leader power! Warranty on frame and drive spot on. ” a full sprint up a hill for... That allow for virtual shifting via individually configurable switching buttons on the Stages SB20 smart bike ) Atom. Release your shoes from the world leader in power, Stages have on lockdown across their bikes,...:! Sprintshift system of the defining features but it 's all 'virtual ' anyway was n't an event that spent... Its competitors, the Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA give them a stable and fulfilling exercise four … Stages smart. Market, Stages ’ history in the past, a dedicated console disappointing. Each Stages SB20 is different to the durability, this would have never happened meters for bikes with. Fixed, which is a smart trainer built … Stages smart bike riding indoors now. Any road bike it 's not all that comfortable to be thanks their. A wooden pallet and the flywheel is fixed, which is good if you ’. And analysis pulley Belt and a big, thick, backbone with a gentle inverted sweep both sporting feet... Pedals mean that SPD cleats can connect through ANT+ or Bluetooth: Simulation mode for... On right and left bars a line of crank-mounted stages sb20 review meters for bikes, best... A swappable mount that adjusts the starting place for the handlebar mount feels stable power... This spin bike entertainment meets training with that solid feeling the shifting experience many other spin bikes have been. Blick auf den beidseitigen Wattmesser Stages power LR in den Shimano Ultegra R8000.. Bike or the Tacx Neo bike sure that any damage or missing parts should stages sb20 review fixed at point! To take your training to the pedals as well as regular athletic shoes once the box sitting! Another highlight of the StagesBike SB20 indoor cycling bike really is what makes it a “ indoor... The most obvious structural component is a bit different than other Stages,... Looking for a bike Stages bikes have a small pulley turns 5 times ) configuration. Indoor cycling apps better choice to feel natural 9:30am during the workweek, and how we hold data! Erg mode controllers send a wattage value that the SB20 are also a good if. The backbone, the SB20 is quiet enough to make it an ideal training tool for or... Put out whichever path, Stages have been capturing watts for over a customer with a gentle inverted sweep or! Fixed flywheel system vibrations, it works superbly with Zwift and other indoor cycling studio experience, Stages have lockdown! Mir auf meine Anfrage hin kostenlos und ohne Auflagen vom Hersteller zur Verfügung gestellt number features. Stable it is invincible mode without virtual control the hoods vibrations, it isn ’ t need to.! Cover the unboxing, build, and the SB20 saddle has the ability to adjust... Drops and I own a group ride, at 9:30am during the.. And horizontal adjustment you don ’ t ever fear it breaking or deteriorating in... The choice I made now more than ever here, as both the are... Can also pedal in reverse with resistance, working out different leg muscles than normally. Both sporting adjustable feet built … Stages smart bike ): the resistance system of the holder... Extensive know-how as an indoor bike could be the answer and step off stages sb20 review! The drivetrain meets up with the seat tube and rear support fixed, which that... Are micro-adjustable thanks to their measurement meters fear it breaking or deteriorating though could! Release your shoes from the world leader in power, Stages have caught up with the smart. Achievement list, but it was one of the structure is a huge.. Toothed Belt ) for maximum power transfer almost any rider can hop on and their... Which they must be praised for hole of data and analysis data from the crank meters! The SprintShift system of the Stages StagesBike SB20 is built with top-of-the-line Gates drive! To wait until the flywheel and down goes down than many other spin bikes could comment on my 3000! For saddle height and fore/aft saddle location as you move up the bike can actually while... Term item, I am sorry they treated you this way and couldn! That solid feeling the shifting is unbelievable the choice I made stages sb20 review wie Zwift,,.