If you can get a pencil thin line with your airbrush - then that's a good airbrush!!! Badger 105-1 Badger Patriot Airbrush and Airbrush Set #1051. Iwata HP-CR Revolution Airbrush. So what? You mean like Rolls-Royce used to do with their "sufficient" horsepower? Airbrush illustrators need the fine line control that is so often bandied about, but modelers are perfectly happy with pencil width. Your Badger needle/tip size information are correct. ... Paasche Airbrush Talon Airbrush. Which is Iwata Eclipse and Revolution Airbrushes By Matt Bittner : Background As an old dyed-in-the-wool Thayer and Chandler (T&C) airbrush user, finding a general-purpose airbrush that worked better than a T&C was something that - for me - just wasn't going to happen. 9,581 381. blueangelmodeler. Because Hobby Lobby is around the corner and they offer 40% off coupons. Alimentación por gravedad. We stock a huge variety of airbrush models from only the best quality brands! This was equally important to me in my recent airbrush hunting. I have there Talon's and am very happy with their performance. In fact, I can get my single action 200-20 with the same medium head to spray finer lines than I can with either gravity fed 100LGs! The second issue is the needle taper. Iwata-Medea. The poor horse has been dead for a while now.... A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount of "up to and including my life.". I could be wrong on this (or just mistaken), but on the other end of the spectrum  doesn't  the needle size give some indication of maximum spray width? I was buying a people carrier, and I wanted one that would carry my family in safety and comfort. Unless you plan on freehand airbrushing Richard Bong's wife's mural on the side of a 1/48 scale P-38 it doesn't make much difference. And I agree that fine, medium and large aren't any better, but Badger at least puts a size range for each type on their website. What kind of warranty does each of these come with? The VL and Millennium can use the tip/needle combinations of .55,.73 and 1.07 mm. thin line consistently. No one needs a line thinner than that. Home > Airbrushes. I have not tried their new Talon, which is supposed to be a very good brush, but I was a happy man the day I sold my double action VL. When Iwata calls the 0.2, 0.35 and 0.5 mm nozzles fine, medium and large, Badger calls their 0.5, 0.76 and 1.06 mm nozzles fine, medium and large. Thanks guys. And I can feel the difference of the two with the advantage going to the longer taper Iwata. Make sure to save enough for a good compressor setup. ... Make Offer - Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS ECL-2002 Bonus Value Set Airbrush Nice!!!! A lot of people will tell you that. Case closed. Re: "Beginners" air brush? Car airbrushing: For this purpose you will need a fine to medium size nozzle, gravity – feed airbrush with a large cup. However, they also give you this guide: • Fine (F) - pencil line to 2" (51mm) spray Keilau, I am not ridiculing you for your opinion, only pointing out that .35mm .54mm or .73mm is a meaningless number without some form of context. I said "yes". If we need a part, we can drive and get it. Some companies pander to the whims of popular opinion, and offer something flashy, or shiny and attractive (the newer brands do this) in order to establish themselves in the market. WE ARE OPEN, OPERATING AT 100% AND SHIPPING ORDERS. I've seen some major aibrushing magic done by a master using a no-name $15 airbrush that most people would dismiss as junk. No they do not. Which brand do you guys recommend and why? High-quality images available here: https://chromaair.com/Airbrush Tested:1. There was a time when 6 transistor radios were pretty standard. But potential buyers cannot find them at the Badger web site. I have to choose from these brands because this is just about all they carry at hobby lobby and for other reasons, that is where i have to buy this equipment. Our community is FREE to join. blueangelmodeler. $103.63 $ 103. They're more expensive than Badger or Paasche, but they are a better product in my opinion. Fact is, they accelerate from 0-60mph in the same 4.0 second time. Like having an Acme rocket between your legs! Yes Mucker that is a good question. And there is still no indication of how far away the needle is from the surface to achieve those sizes! I learned to airbrush on a Paasche VL and when I bought my Vega 2000 from Thayer & Chandler I sold my VL as it was junk compared to the Vega 2000 IMHO. It's impracitcal to think that you need a line any smaller than this, and it also means that if you can get a line this tiny, that you've mastered adjustment of one of these. Paasche Millennium; Paasche VL - Double Action; Paasche H - Single Action ; Paasche Talon; Thayer & Chandler. They sold well because people believed 8 must be better than 6. It just costs more to buy them separately than buying the 2 in 1 version. I can get a fairly consistant line about the width of a standard sharpie marker, but my hand can not keep it straight oe even enough to make it look good. The distance from the surface to the needle and air pressure makes as much or more difference than the needle size. A Rolls Royce in the hands of someone who can't drive a stick shift is like giving a scapel to someone, and having them operate! Even with the 40% discount coupon from Hobby Lobby you can do better getting an airbrush on the internet. This is true, and the point I was poorly trying to make with the analogy to cars. Yes Snap-On are nice and they are polished and shiny, but do they do their intended task better than Mac, Proto, or even Craftsman? I think for most of us mere mortals, we will never approach the capabilities of our airbrushes. My AB costs 10 times more, but the results are 10 times less!! It is all a matter of taste. There is nothing wrong with the Paasche VL, it's a fine airbrush and will serve you well. The brush itself feels quite heavy in the hands, a good weight though and I find it very well balanced overall. • Heavy (H) - 1/16" (1.5mm) to 3" (76mm) spray pattern. I am not sure what the model number is on the paasche. However, so far I've never seen any airbrush manufacturer state the taper length on their websites, and while most state the needle diameter, most don't tell you what that actually means. Some perceive them as being better because of marketing and so forth but the truth stands, it is the hand wielding the tool that makes the difference. The parts themselves are both inexpensive, but the shipping may not if you cannot get them locally. Badger will tell me that. In fact, I consider the 0.35 mm nozzle to be the best all round size for modeling. Pencil width is almost as useless. The closest competition to the Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS is the Paasche Millennium. Tyamada, excellent link for when I want to update Video Studio 11, but I think this is a better link to Chicago Airbrush! I haven't told you weight, torque or a whole slew of other specs that will help. I am not sure what the model number is on the paasche. Let me try again. It's been a great, durable tool for the last 8 years until I dropped it a broke the needle chuck. In the end the "best" airbrush is the one you are happy you bought. I think I am going to make an airbrush with a .0001 needle diameter and say it will spray a line 1/100th of the Micron or Sotar. but the chicks used to dig my '76 Kawasaki 1000, done up as a cafe racer (3/4 fairing, flat bars, resets, full racing leathers) back in the day. Here they are together. The V and the VSR90 have the same size tip/needle options of .25 and .66 mm. I recommend medium sizes (.4 or .5mm) as being more useful to And so it is with the average airbrush user. Useless for what I was doing. For example, I can get the Iwata nozzle/needle both for $14 total with changes at Hobby Lobby. Just because it's expensive, that doesn't mean that it'll make you a great painter, YOU have to make yourself a great painter no matter whos' airbrush you're using. Now a days it's megapixels. Maior precisão e melhor acabamento em áreas maiores O Paasche Talon TG-3F, Aerógrafo de Ação Dupla e alimentação por gravidade tem corpo em metal cromado de excelente qualidade e cabo de alumínio anodizado para maior rigidez e durabilidade. Whatever the choice, be sure to post your initial comments or "review" (and maybe a few pics of your initial work!). Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 0.4mm3. With the 40% off coupon, the Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS or the HP-CS at Hobby Lobby beats any internet price from other Iwata dealers. First, does the airbrush buyer deserve to know the nozzle diameter before they buy. Anyway, there is NO industrial standard on needle/nozzle size terminology. The taper of an Iwata Eclipse fine needle is twice (2 times) the taper length of a Badger Patriot fine needle. I have told you over and over ad nauseam that needle taper is the determining factor of an airbrushes line width and I have also seen you echo that comment as well. I am new to airbrushing but I have used a Paasche Talon and liked it, but it's the only one I have tried. Your leggy blond friend just left with the guy in the Jaguar! See the full review of the IWATA Eclipse. Clogging tips becomes a greater issue, possibly requiring filtering the paint to remove lumps and a higher thinner to paint ratio, which can invite tip dry with acrylics. Who can show me the difference between the brands on a finished project so that I can compare quality? Once you add the sales tax it's a toss up on the Hobby Lobby price. pattern That's my preference, but I suspect that most airbrush buyers will agree with me. Hello! To participate you must either login or register for an account. I've owned Testors', Badger,generic, and Paasche. $89.00. I am not an aritist and do not do free hand details. Badger is quite clear on the performance of their airbrushes, and put it into words most people can actually understand: Fine, Medium and Large, they also provide a list of expected line widths in real life terminology. determine how well a car drives, but the manufacturer should include In my opinion when looking for an airbrush, there are a few major boxes to check: Affordablity, Performance/Needle Size, Gravity/Siphon Feed, Cleanability, Replacement Parts Availability. Even the medium used and the the amount of thinner to paint can affect width. 63. Hobby Lobby does not carry the Paasche Talon or the Millennium at my location. Watch. The Iwata looks nice but I'm sure the Paasche will be good enough for me provided my Sprayit 600-13 compressor can push paint through it. Will this be a good return on my investment? All this information has been great to learn. those information in the car spec. how to use knowledge is to have wisdom. " You guys are all missing the point here. That's a difference of $44.30 I could spend on kits and paint. Why now are you reversing yourself? Needle size is more an indicator of the difficulty spraying a relatively thick medium like model paint. You did not mention which Paasche. I have owned Paasche airbrushes, and did not like them. It is the airbrush favored by Alberto Ponno, so I can well believe it.Older versions had a little thumb wheel in front of the trigger like the VL, which could be used to preset spray volume. I've not owned a Paasche (or a Badger for that matter) so I can't comment on them, but I have an Iwata HP-CS. 4.4 out of 5 stars 64. ), as that is a specification we all can use. Replacement parts will be cheap and readily available when you need them. You copy something, then think you copied something else and paste without really looking. https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/home, A collection of airbrush tips and reviews. Based on my experience, you'll be happy with the Iwata. But to know Airbrushes. Which has long been my point. It would be better to let the car buyer decide whether he/she wants to know the horsepower of the car instead of telling him/her that "you don't need to know." As for the leggy blonds girlfriend, well lets say that when I was a bit younger and lived in Florida, My 600 ninja was very popular with Ms. Du Jour! You're not kidding, Bill!!! That's some great info, Bill. Handmade: No. I think some people think they can buy proficiency. It is not about how fine a line. Airbrush Mentor Iwata Eclipse vs Talon. El Aerógrafo Iwata Eclipse HP-BS es versatil. Only used once and cleaned thoroughly after use. It's kind of like asking "Who is the best guitarist"? Iwata BCS Eclipse, HPC; Iwata BCR Revolution; Iwata Neo; Badger 105, 3155, 360; Harder & Steenbeck Evolution; Paasche Talon; All connectors are also available to purchase individually. Paasche Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush Set. With the 40% off coupon, the Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS or the HP-CS at Hobby Lobby beats any internet price from other Iwata dealers. Iwata Airbrush, Paasche Airbrush, Badger Airbrush, Grex Airbrush. The Paasche nozzles will be better for larger objects such as T-shirt, auto or body art etc. When I bought my last vehicle, I didn't even look at the HP specs. To know is not … A beginner-friendly airbrush that arrives in an attractive and well-packaged kit. The Lotus Exige SC has a 1.8 liter inline 4 that puts out 240hp and costs $75,000. Love the squirrel in your siganture line, Cobra!! I have a friend that has a Paasche endorsement and I also have a few photos that he sent me using a Paasche on the very projects that got him the endorsement in the first place. Just curious as to what you come up with. I wish I would have known that about the 0.2mm needle. You guys are all missing the point here. That's the one the leggy blond really likes best! And as I've never airbrushed before, I'll probably be happy with whatever I use first. We do not sell, rent or trade our email lists. It is about whether the customer who lays out his hard cash deserved the information of the airbrush. Air Brushes - Iwata vs Paasche. It doesn't make sense to buy the most expensive one when you're starting out. I am a model builder with some art background with airbrushes and I have also done some machining in my younger days. Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun . I've not come across a need for smaller than 1/32" or She wants to know if she's comfortable and safe. I fit in the description you made in an earlier post: the capabilities of the AB definately outrank the capabilities of the user! Much harder to say, as both are created as toys for boys who spend their weekends on the race course. Needle size is an indicator of line width, but only because that also changes the taper. Iwata ( I have 2 friends who own them) are very nice airbrushes, but tend to be a bit spendy, especially for most modelers. I have yet to see a corresponding guide from any other manufacturer. But to know If you are into models building, this is certainly one of the best beginner airbrush for models. To know is not Iwata NEO Iwata CN Gravity Feed Airbrush Set. The Porsche weigh in at 3082 lbs, and the Lotus is a svelte 2077 lbs. And speaking of thinner, they're going to need more with those fine nozzles. The Paasche information are easily accessible on the Paasche web site. I have posted in the past two of the airbrushes that I have found to put out the most paint and those were the Badger Crescendo and the Badger Anthem 155. Neo for Iwata Iwata Revolution BR, CR, SAR, BCR, TR1, TR2, M1, M2 Iwata Eclipse (or one G3, G5 or G6) Iwata HP Iwata HP-Plus Iwata Hi-Line Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH (will only run one) Iwata Custom Micron Iwata Kustom series (or one HP-TH) Paasche CC Paasche F Paasche Talon Paasche V Paasche VJR Paasche VSR90 Paasche VV Badger 100 If you've already bought the Evolution with the .2mm nozzle/needle and are having troubles, you can buy the .4m nozzle/needle as parts. I think that the main difference between these are are the optional nozzle sizes. We do not sell, rent or trade our email lists. That's why I mentioned the Jag at the end! Now, sometimes the coupon is 30% off of Wilton Cake Decorating products. Count: If it's down to what Hobby Lobby carries, the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, hands down. It is confusing to say the least. Do you think the airbrush manufacturers should also give out the needle taper diameters as a selling point? Free shipping . The average modeler will do just fine with the Anthem or Patriot. The 40% coupon is about every-over week. Engineers LIVE for numbers, so those are important to you. The Iwata HP-CS lists for about $179 x 60% + 7% FL sales tax = $114.92. I also use a Grex pistol grip (TG) model & my newest airbrush is a Neo by Iwata pistol grip model. But I'm learning!! I understand people swearing by a certain brand because someone else uses it,and turned them on to it. for it. Also you are not limited to Iwata and Paasche. Smaller means you can create more detail and is ideal for face makeup. The information should be there for the buyer to make an intelligent decision based on what he wants and how much to pay. Really a great airbrush for beginners. For $17 (including shipping) I'll be back in the saddle again. For modeling, the 0.35 mm nozzle is more useful. There are some great modelers who use quite rudimentary airbrushes. No matter!) or Badger. A good deal if you ask me. It is about whether the customer who lays out his hard cash deserved the information of the airbrush. This is my checklist, anyhow (in no particular order). On the Bench: 1:25 1969 Z/28 Camaro RS, 1/48 Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat. I borrowed my friends' Paasche VL after all the others broke, or wore out, or other problems that I had with them, and I was instantly satisfied with the results after adjusting it to the spray pattern I needed. If you only have to choose be Iwata and Paasche, than I would go with Iwata, but would go for the HP-CS Gravity feed. The Iwata Eclipse can be used for anything from full body spray tans to face makeup. You seem too focused on needle size, and not on the overall performance of the airbrush, especially when it comes to using one as a modeling tool. Coming from a family of master heavy equipment mechanics I like to compare airbrushes to wrenches. Bigger spray means covering a wider area and is better for laying down a base, such as with spray tanning. Those specs don't impress me and they have no bearing on the airbrushes performance and that is why I stress that point so much. entirely due to my inability to use a dual action airbrush and hold a Why? As … No airbrush is better than the person who uses it, which is true. I will likely never purchase any photo-etched parts. Just like having a car with 600HP doesn't necessarily mean you'll win a road race. 9,581 381. But the Porsche will make your leggy blond girlfriend much happier! I hemmed and hawed over the replacement parts (@$20 w/ shipping) or "upgrading" to a "better" airbrush. Ask yourself a few questions before buying: What type of budget are you setting for how often, or how much you want, or need to use it? Boquilla 0.35 mm I mostly use the HP-C. Most people won't think this through to this degree, but read everything you can about the particular airbrush you're interested in before buying. If it could spray as wide as 2" it would be suitable...I probably would have bought the Evolution. No Keilau I am sorry but it is you who are missing the real relevant points here as usual! Posted by D&RGWRR476 on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 2:01 PM Hi Folks, I am a beginning air brusher. Clumsy me dropped my Iwata Evolution HP-CS and broke the threads on the needle chuck. Here's where you can buy airbrushes of all kinds:  WWW.BEARAIR.COM. 6 new & refurbished from $89.00. The HL near me carries a Paasche external mix and Iwata internal single (I think) and double actions. Quite a few use the venerable Paasche H external action siphon feed, and can paint intricate camo patterns rivaling anything a "high end" airbrush with it's fine taper and micro tip can do. Right now I'm back and forth between my Iwata Evolution  and the Sotar 20/20. I have owned Paasche airbrushes, and did not like them. Well....my first response is neither! Start out with an inexpensive, or intermediary model that has more than one head, or tip on it,so that you can adjust, and figure out how to change, maintain, and get the most out of your airbrushing experience before graduating to another model, or more expensive brand. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. I am a Badger user all the way. Between that bike and my '67 'Cuda I was on first name basis with the local RCMP constabulary! I don't have the trigger control with the 100's to pull it off. To each, his own. She's going to be more interested in how many miles per gallon, and what her insurance is. So as specifications they are useless. And tip diameter is one of the few things about an airbrush that can be spec'd.

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